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By viewing, using, accessing, browsing, or submitting any content or material on the Mattresses Direct to Public website or in our store, you agree to these Customer Terms & Conditions. (collectively referred to as "MDTP Terms") If you do not accept these Terms, you must refrain from using this Website or making a purchase from the store.

Mattresses Direct to Public wants customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase therefore we encourage all customers to read this Policy prior to making a purchase.

Consumer Guarantees and Your Rights Under the Australian Consumer Law.

This Policy does not replace or exclude any rights that apply to you under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).


Verbal quotations are subject to written confirmation.

When you place an Order to purchase product(s), we will provide you with a written invoice confirming receipt of your Order and containing the details of your Order.

Your Order will only be accepted, when the relevant Customer Support Team has processed your Order and issued a sales invoice and receipt to you.

We may reject all or any part of an Order placed through Mattresses Direct to Public Store without liability to you for that rejection if:

  1. it does not want to or is unable to fulfil the Order;
  2. a product in an Order is not available;
  3. there is an error in the price or the description of the product posted on Mattresses Direct to Public website or
  4. the Order triggers fraud prevention protocols.

If Mattresses Direct to Public rejects an Order, then we will endeavour to notify you of that rejection at the time you place the Order or within a reasonable time after you place the Order.

On cancellation of an Order, we will refund your payment to you.


We recommend that you immediately inspect any goods that you have purchased upon delivery or collection, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you.

A delivery fee will be charged for delivery's by Mattresses Direct to Public at $55* per 10 kilometres, from our showroom in Kilsyth.

  1. $55 for a ground floor deliveries.
  2. $75 for up stairs deliveries.

A delivery time will be set by our Customer Support Team, failure to meet the arranged delivery time, will result in a second delivery fee for the rescheduled delivery, or you may be asked to arrange your own collection.

Please contact our Customer Support Team, if you believe that the goods you have purchased fail to meet a consumer guarantee, or if you wish to discuss your goods. In some cases, we may have to arrange an inspection or consult with the manufacturer of the relevant goods before determining the remedy that you are entitled to.

Products can only be returned locally to our our store in Kilsyth Victoria.

It is you the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct delivery address and access details are provided to us.

Mattresses Direct to Public will use all reasonable endeavours to meet the estimated delivery date, however you agree that we will not be, and Mattresses Direct To Public not will be, liable for any loss or damage, however it arises, if the products are delivered within a reasonable time after the estimated delivery date.

Products will only be delivered if a person aged over 18 and able to accept delivery is at the delivery address. You agree that we will not be, and Mattresses Direct To Public will not be, liable for any loss or damage if you make alternate delivery arrangements.


To discuss or obtain a remedy, please contact our Customer Support Team, within 7 days of receipt of your Order.

The goods must be returned to us within a reasonable period, with proof of purchase and with the original packaging (if possible).

If there is a major failure, you may seek a refund or replacement (subject to availability),

If there is a minor failure, we may repair the item (or, in our discretion, we may replace the item or refund you) within a reasonable time.

In some circumstances, we may request that you return the goods to Mattresses Direct to Public to enable us to undertake an assessment of the goods prior before we provide you with an appropriate remedy.

Once Mattresses Direct to Public assesses the goods, our Customer Support Team will contact you to discuss an appropriate remedy.

If a refund is granted a restocking fee will apply (20 % of purchase price) plus a collection fee of $75 for pick up by Mattresses Direct To Public if required.

Where Mattresses Direct to Public has agreed to provide a refund to you, we will process the refund to the original method of payment you used to make your purchase. Refunds will normally be processed within ten (10) days.

Where Mattresses Direct to Public considers the goods to have breached a consumer guarantee, Mattresses Direct to Public is responsible for the shipping costs to return the goods.

Until further notice, Mattresses Direct to Public will not provide a refund where you have simply changed your mind, or comfort issues about the goods you have purchased.


Mattresses Direct to Public recommends that you double check your order before finalising you purchase, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods.

Not limited to customer specifications, including custom made caravan mattresses, special size mattresses, custom fabric products, which have to be ordered specifically for a customer cannot be returned, if you decide you no longer want the products or change of mind.

The following products are excluded from change of mind, returns or refunds:

  • Bed linen, mattress protectors, quilts & Pillows , Mattresses that have been opened or slept on.
  • Any other items which cannot be resold for health or hygiene reasons once unwrapped


All product prices are quoted inclusive of GST. You agree to pay all taxes (including GST) payable in connection with this contract.

Delivery costs will also be charged where applicable on orders delivered to you, and as stated on your invoice at the time of purchase.


Full payment for products in the amount displayed on the invoice must be made at the time you place your Order and these funds will be managed by us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

If payment is not received from the card issuer or its agents for any reason, you agree to pay us all amounts due before order and delivery


Any recommendation, information, technical information, specification, drawing, description, illustration, dimensions, assistance or service provided by us or a Mattresses Direct to Public representative in relation to any products is given in good faith and is believed by us to be relevant, appropriate and reliable, this information is for reference and informational purposes only.  The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by your own Medical Provider or Health Care Provider.


The warranty is invalid in the following cases:

  • Damage caused by accidents, force majeure, natural disasters or misuse and deliberate damage.
  • Defects caused by improper storage of product.
  • Modifications, changes, additions, etc to the product.
  • Damage caused by the user’s negligence and or contravene company’s product use instructions.
  • The purchaser has opened / changed, repaired the mattress without informing the company.
  • Cover including stains, soiling, and burns caused by the customer
  • Border wire bent due to moving or folding the mattress
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation
    (example letting the mattress get wet or damp, Or incorrect slats or bases)
  • If a you or a customer changes their mind, hence wants to change the model or size after opening the product and packaging (customer cannot return the product in this case there will be fee charged)

To claim under a Warranty, you may either notify the relevant manufacturer, or contact your Mattresses Direct to Public Store of purchase who will help you contact the manufacture  and assist you with any enquiries.

Exclusions: Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, Limited Warranty relates to any products sold as floor stock, repaired products, or products that have a defect where this has been drawn to the customer’s attention before the purchase of the product unless specified otherwise.

In addition, the Warranty will not apply if:

  • Repairs to a product are made or attempted by a service provider other than one provided by Mattresses Direct To Public.
  • The product has not been used or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as provided with the product and/or any relevant care instructions.
  • The customer uses the product in an abnormal manner: for example if the product is abused, misused, dropped, crushed, impacted with any hard surface, exposed to extreme heat (including fire) or cold, not maintained properly or used after partial failure.
  • The product has been modified, incorrectly adjusted or operated, subjected to incorrect electrical supply or inconsistent electrical supply or used with inappropriate accessories.
  • The product is tampered with in any way.


Mattresses Direct to Public will not be liable for any delay in performing any of their obligations if such delay is caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control. We will not be liable for failing to comply with our obligations under this Agreement due to any act of God, war, terrorism, strike, lock down, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, storm or other event beyond our reasonable control.


In the unfortunate event that something has gone wrong with your experience, we would like to hear about it. Contact details are on our website www.mattressesdirecttopublic.com.au.

Please allow for enough time to make arrangements for a remedy.