Over the years many people have asked us lots of Mattress questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we get and their answers.

What makes Mattresses Direct to Public unique?

We are a family owned local business and customers deal directly with Andrew or Karen from the sale to the delivery. No middleman and no sales people trying to sell “whatever”. Unlike the big guys, franchises and factory outlets, we have personally designed our entire range of mattresses and ensure the highest quality products go in to them. Combining all this with the best warranties on the market and good old fashion service, should give you the confidence to come in for a look. Our experience, product knowledge and customer service gives you the best options possible when purchasing your mattress. Our Australian Made Mattresses offer you piece of mind and we believe the best value on the market. For example our queen Luxury Latex pillow top mattresses are only $495.

We believe: “It’s not what you pay for your mattress, it’s what you get for your money”.

When should you replace your mattress?

We recommend that you replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years. If your mattress is of poor quality, sagging or you’re just waking up sore, it’s probably time to replace it. Warning signs your mattress needs replacing are dips, lumps and sagging. However, waking up stiff, sore or with backaches are underlining signs you need a change. Another reason for regularly renewing your mattress is that your needs change as your body ages. As you get older, your body will appreciate softer padding to support and protect pressure points. Finally, hygiene is another reason you should change your mattress.

What are the latest mattress trends?

The swing away from latex, polyester and knitted quilted mattresses in the past two years is largely due to bad press and increasing complaints from people who have purchased these products. This negativity is mainly due to the cheap quality latex, foams and quilted knits that manufacturers are using.

Latex is generally a warmer product. It’s not rocket science “the denser the product the less it breaths”, and it doesn’t matter how many holes the latex has in it.

Our new Trinity 100% Cotton Range has been increasingly popular with hot sleepers and women going through “the change”. We have found more and more customers are looking for natural Australian Made cotton and wool products and being Australian Made you can be assured they are not full of formaldehyde.

What should I think about when buying a new mattress?

Mattress outlets are like convenience stores these days. There seems to be one on every corner and most are “just onsellers”. What sets our mattresses apart is that they are made to a standard and purpose and we have personally designed across every range.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their mattress requirements. Our mattress ranges cater for people on a budget to hot and heavy people that need heavy-duty support. We also cater for people that have pressure point issues and incontinent issues with our breathable cotton waterproof range. Partner disturbance reduction is a huge requirement these days and pocket springs is one option but not the only option. Here are a couple of basic tips to finding a suitable mattress.

Basic Tips:

  • Never buy a mattress without viewing, touching or laying on it.
  • Test out your mattress with your sleeping partner.
  • Your spine should be straight when you’re lying on your side.
  • If you have difficulty rolling over the mattress is too soft.
  • If you’re uncomfortable on your hips and shoulders if it’s too firm.
  • If you and your partner are different weights, we have the solution.

How can you help people with special Mattress needs?

Many of our customers have special requirements and needs for example,

  • Hot Sleepers.
  • Pressure point issues.
  • Irregular shapes.
  • Heavy people.
  • Partner disturbance issues.
  • Difficulty getting in and out of bed.
  • Both partners are different weights and need different support.

We have mattresses that cater for all these problems and if you need something out of the norm; we can make a mattress to suit you’re particular needs and requirements.