Eczema & Asthma Mattresses

We stock a range of Eczema and Asthma mattresses suitable for those with breathing and skin problems. The Eczema and Asthma range includes our cool cotton quilt MediFlex mattresses through to our cotton/wool blend Superior Backcare mattress. Our Eczema and Asthma mattresses are made of cool breathable natural fibres and come in a variety of firmness to help you get a comfortable nights sleep whilst still meeting all your other mattress needs.

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Superior Backcare

Superior Backcare

Bonnell Spring
Eczema & Allergies
Quality Cotton Quilt
From $275

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Firmness Scale 6

Finding a mattress suitable for those with Eczema and Asthma is mostly common sense. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are the best way to go. You should stay away from mattresses made from polyester and nylon. Imported mattresses that use petrol based foams, latex, memory foam and gels can also a problem as can mattresses containing chemicals like formaldehyde. Mattresses that are made from breathable natural fibres are much healthier.


Dear Andrew, thank you so much for your advice. You were very helpful and you staff are extremely friendly and no pressure! Love my  Organic Cotton lifestyle mattress it has been amazing to sleep on the last few weeks, thanks again.

Cathy D